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At Stage 284 we value participation from performers of all ages and experience levels and seek to create a multigenerational experience where adults and children can learn from one another.
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The Comparato Family
Production Sponsors:
Hamilton-Wenham Cultural Council*
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Stage 284 Youth Company proudly presents Anastasia!

Production June 6-16.

Her past is a mystery. Her future, an adventure! Anastasia: The Musical is about discovering who you are and redefining who you’re meant to be.

From Tony winners Terrence McNally, Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens, creators of such Broadway classics as Ragtime and Once On This Island, this dazzling show transports its audience from the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s, as a brave young woman sets out to discover the mystery of her past. Pursued by a ruthless Soviet officer determined to silence her, Anya enlists the aid of a dashing con man and a lovable ex-aristocrat. Together, they embark on an epic adventure to help her find home, love and family.

Announcing the cast of Anastasia!


Anastasia – Madi O’Brien
Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna – Laurille Wirling
Countess Lily Malevsky – Malevitch Ekin Cakim
Dimitry – Hannah Donnellan-Doser
Vlad Popov – Isaac Starr Collins
Gleb Vaganov – Ella Soucy
Tsar Nicholas II – Nathan Gorman-Melo
Tsarina Alexandra – Charlotte Fortin
Young Anya/Anastasia – Sophie Breed
Count Leopold/Gorlinsky – Chase Ronningen
Count Ipolitov – Cecilia Teigeiro
Alexei Romanov – Blair Canny
Maria Romanov – Lydia Rossotti
Tatiana Romanov – Emily Schuster
Olga Romanov – Piper Stout
Paulina – Phoebe Wartels
Marfa – Emma Conway
Dunya – Kaelyn Stout
Featured Dancers
Lillianna DiMercurio, Eloise LeBlond, Charlotte Fortin, Emily Schuster
Featured Ensemble
Kenzie Banks, Gwynn Benenson, Lillian Ledbetter, Annabel Linehan,
Anna Lauze, Kaelyn Stout, Blair Canny, Sage Russman
Ghost Ensemble
Elijah Grant, Jack Schuster, Finn Sarkisian, Sage Russman


Anastasia – Lillian Rogers
Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna – Cecilia Crockett
Countess Lily Malevsky – Malevitch Rebekah Salah
Dimitry – Beckett Guest
Vlad Popov – Josh Maggiacomo
Gleb Vaganov – Robbie Koppel
Tsar Nicholas II – Xander Scangas
Tsarina Alexandra – Mikayla Whiting
Young Anya/Anastasia – Audrey Gillander
Count Leopold/Count Ipolitov – Avery Sommer
Gorlinsky – Xander Scangas
Alexei Romanov – Zaira Triana
Maria Romanov – Katie Daniels
Tatiana Romanov – Ash Raymond
Olga Romanov – Lucy Davison
Paulina – Rori Rounds
Marfa – Alexa Jones
Dunya – Kendall King
Featured Dancers
Mikayla Whiting, Ellie Yandell, Coco Esdaile, Ash Raymond
Featured Ensemble
Penelope Bellucci, Samuel Bellucci, Lucy Davison, Nika Doronina-Zimmerman,
Cao McGrath, Molly Mabey, Zaira Triana, Maeve Moran, Kendall King
Ghost Ensemble
Maeve Moran, Payton Raymond, George Crafton, Winni Iapicca

Performances by Actor

Dreamers Cast Performances

Thursday June 6 @ 7PM
Xander Scangas as Tsar Nicholas II and Featured Ensemble
OUT – Nathan Gorman-Melo

Saturday June 8 @ 2PM
Robbie Koppel as Gleb
OUT – Ella Soucy

Sunday June 9 @ 2PM
Maeve Moran as Ghost Ensemble
Josh Maggiacomo as Ipolitov
Cecilia Crockett as Lead 2
Mikayla Whiting as Tsarina and Featured Dancer
OUT – Cecilia Teigeiro
OUT – Charlotte Fortin

Friday June 14 @ 7PM
Ash Raymond as Tatiana Romanov & Featured Dancer
Rori Rounds as Black Swan
Payton Raymond as Ghost Ensemble
OUT – Emily Schuster
OUT – Jack Schuster

Saturday June 15 @ 7PM
Ellie Yandell as Featured Dancer
OUT – Eloise LeBlond

Journeys Cast Performances 

Friday June 7 @ 7PM
TBA – Olga Romanov
Cecilia Teigeiro as Ipolitov
Phoebe Wartels as Paulina
Laurille Wirling as Black Swan
OUT – Rori Rounds, Avery Sommer

Saturday June 8 @ 7PM
Ella Soucy as Gleb
Eloise LeBlond as Featured Dancer
OUT – Robbie Koppel, Ellie Yandell

Thursday June 13 @ 7PM
Nathan Gorman-Melo as Tsar Nicholas II and Featured Ensemble
Phoebe Wartels as Paulina
Emily Schuster as Black Swan
Charlotte Fortin as Tsarina and Featured Dancer, Swan 2
OUT – Rori Rounds, Xander Scangas, Mikayla Whiting

Saturday June 15 @ 2PM
Emily Schuster as Tatiana Romanov & Featured Dancer
Cecilia Teigeiro as Lead 2
Jack Schuster as Ghost Ensemble
Emma Conway as Marfa
OUT – Ash Raymond, Payton Raymond, Alexa Jones

Sunday June 16 @ 2PM
Sage Russman as Ghost Ensemble and Featured Ensemble
OUT – Maeve Moran