Joanne Holbrook Patton Community Service Award

Purpose of Award

  1. To recognize and honor an individual who has exhibited a long standing commitment to volunteerism and/or community service (10 years or more)
  2. To inspire others to volunteer and participate in local community service efforts for the betterment of our two towns.
  3. To demonstrate The Community House’s commitment to promoting community spirit and local volunteerism.


Nominee must be a resident of Hamilton or Wenham and may not be compensated for the efforts for which they are nominated.


Nominations will be collected and reviewed annually by the Executive Committee of The Community House Board of Directors.  The honoree will be announced in the Spring and honored at the annual Spring fundraising event.  This is intended to be a one-time award to each recipient.

Nominating Procedure

Anyone may submit a letter or essay nominating a community member for this award. Deadline for nominations is February 1.

To nominate someone for this award, please use the form linked below.

Alternatively, you may send nominations to:,
or mail to The Community House, Attn: Executive Director, 284 Bay Road, South Hamilton, MA, 01982


The nomination essay should describe in detail the service for which the individual is being nominated. Each of the following must be addressed:

  • Clear and concise description of the nominee’s achievements and the overall impact of the nominee’s service qualifying him/her for the award
  • Category or type of volunteer service performed, and estimated number of hours expended annually
  • Levels of effort and initiative displayed
  • Quality and importance of work performed
  • Level of cooperation with others involved in the community
  • Statement of personal conduct and character
  • Any other relevant observations
Interview with Joanne Patton: