The Community House enhances the quality of life of everyone who lives, works and plays on the North Shore.


The Community House is dedicated to enrichment through arts and events that promote togetherness and strengthen the community.

Statement on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

TCH fosters an environment where all people feel welcome. We seek ways to learn, grow and meet the challenges of today through a shared commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) which includes accountability, development, and acceptance. #TCHforall

Our Team

Melissa A. Elmer
Executive Director
978.468.4818 x 11
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Martha Brennan
Director of Finance and Operations
978-468-4818 x 17
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Claudia Filos
Director of Development Operations & Salesforce Administrator
978-468-4818 x 13
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Kathy Walker
Director of Development
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Mary Powers
Director of Marketing
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Tracey Sacco
The Kids Community @ 284 Director
978-468-4818 x 14
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Katie Clarke
Artistic Director
Stage 284
978.468.4818 x 16
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Gail Lull
Event Manager
978-468-4818 x 15
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Kristalyn Burns
The Kids Community @ 284 Staff

Autumn Wetson
The Kids Community @ 284 Staff

Holly Losano
The Kids Community @ 284 Staff

Sophie Bendoris
The Kids Community @ 284 Staff

Felicity Price
The Kids Community @ 284 Staff

Gabby Wheeler
The Kids Community @ 284 Staff

Bobby Kerrigan
Property Manager

Matt Stedman

Teen Workforce

Louise Bassom, Sophie Bendoris, Maggie Firicano, Ronni Flannagan, Ariel Greenberg, Eve Gurjal, Katie Kuhl, Taylor Massimi, Jack Stewart, Abby Sturim, and Chloe Ting