100th Anniversary Supporters

$50,000 and up

John Hsia and Lily Rice Hsia
Town of Hamilton
Town of Wenham

$20,000 – $49,999

Neil and Linda Ayer
Ruth Bell
John and Allison Collins
Christopher and Christina Comparato
Matthew and Jennifer Daniels
Hamilton Development Corporation
Joanne Patton
Elizabeth and Michael Ruane
E. Randall and Jane Smolik
Theodore and Mary Jane Steward
Jennifer and Peter Whitman
Kenneth and Laurie Wilson

$10,000 – $19,999

David Dearborn and Mary Riley Dearborn
Leslie S. Ray and Marcia C. Ray Foundation

$5,000 -$9,999

Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld
Stephen and Carrie Decatur
Rosemary Loring Byrne
William and Jacqueline Martin
Emily and Aashish Mehta

$2,500 – $4,999

Ada Howe Kent Foundation
George Albrecht and Abigail Pardee Albrecht
Samuel and Becca Campbell
Franklin and Suzanna Foster
Brad Hill
Gregory and Kristen Lauze
David and Nancy Lemons
James Longley and Kimberly Strovink
Vera and Tess McLafferty
Kevin Puopolo
Salem Five Charitable Foundation
John and Elise Stanbury
Dawn and Matthew Thibeault
Vinicius Vasconcelos

$1,000 – $2,499

Kenneth and Paula Brand
Traynor and Lauren Canny
Amanda Craig
George and Michelle Gilpin
Hurdle Hill Foundation
George Jones
Thomas and Lauren Jones
Katherine Kembel Zuill
Samuel Mandell
Mattina R. Proctor Foundation
Wilhelm Merck and Nonie Brady
Stephen and Ruth Palmer
Matthew and Elizabeth Tangney
Edward and April Weldon

$500 – $999

David Anderson
Matthew and Caitlin Bard
William and Anna Boardman
Becky Bonenfant
William Bowler
Brian and Mary Jane Brown
Barbara Burke and Robert Storck
Gelean Campbell and Juanita Vreeland
Tiffany Cantin
Mark Carleo
Christopher and Heather Ciriello
Peter and Gretel Clark
Katie Clarke and Craig Robertson
Community Package Store
Francesca and Thomas Connors
Katie Corsini and Dan Cutler
Brian and Cynthia Cutter
Jennifer Dalton
Peter and Mary Dana
Gavin and Kristen Danaher
Stephen Decatur
Christine Ellsmore
Melissa Elmer DeAmelio
Anthony Feeherry
Lindsey Fellows
Jim and Janet Field
First Congregational Church of Hamilton
Jacob and Madeline Fiumara
Thomas and Heather Ford
Peter and Donna Gourdeau
Lindsay and H. Trevor Harlow
Jeffrey and Ashley Hopkins
Tracey Hutchinson
John and Pamela Ireland
David and Nicole Ireland
Richard and Barbara Ireland
John’s Garage
Andrew Kalloch
Jonathan and Emily Lamb
Carol Lavoie Schuster and Paul Schuster
Timothy and Lauren Ledbetter
Allison Levangie
Robert and Debbie Littlefield
Suzanne Locke and Wilberto Lima
Mike Macdonald
Jay and Stephanie Mark
Tina and Kenneth Mastrocola
William and Eliza McConnell
Beth Myers
Mark and Deborah O’Hara
Theodore and Kimberly Ober
Mary Pacheco
Christopher and Jennifer Kasten Perkin
Robert and Lynne Preston
David Ray
Sona and Benjamin Revette
Kevin and Susan Rich
Heaton and Henrietta Robertson
Anna Rossi
Jason Rowe
Barbara Russell
Amanda and Bubba Sandford
Joanne Schade
Bradley Shepherd
Chet and Evelyn Shuman
David and Anna Siedzik
Eric and Kristin Sleeper
Zachary and Janet Soolman
Tom and Betsy Spang
Thomas and Amy Starr
Patrick and Johanna Sullivan
Roxann and Lou Torelli
Robert and Kathy Walker
Amy Wallick and Tony Barletta
Donna and Raymond Whipple
Oliver and Elise Wolcott III
Mary Wood
Robert and Catherine Woodbury

$250 -$499

Mark and Dana Allara
Harold and Cindy Allen
Ross Appleton
Laura Bitler
Kimberly Carey
Lisa Dabney
Suzanne Delrosario
Marie Hilliard
Christopher and Kerri Kinch
Lindsay Konos
Tracy Lutz
Miguel and Kristina Martinez
Samuel and Elizabeth Otis
Will and Sandra Phippen
Gregory and Leslie Potter
Alan and Carol Reid
Dag and Bettina Rutherford
Tracey Sacco
Amanda Snow
Janet and Jeff Tannebring
Philip and Cindy Garrett Tocci
Taylor and Jon Whitcomb

$150 – $249

Laura Abbot
Michael Abbott
Thomas and Susan Ackerman
Edward and Martha Acworth
Emily and Brian Ahearn
Dan and Kelly Arnold
Douglas and Angela Arvanites
Margaret Asadorian
David and Maryanne Askwyth
Andrea Barhydt
Keith and Janet Barsanti
Michael Belliveau and Anne Bellefeuille
Christopher and Jennifer Bevilacqua
Scott and Polly Beyer
Andrew Bois
Emily and Taylor Bottomley
Kevin and Rosemary Bottomley
James Breed
Douglas and Kristina Brendel
Brick Ends Farm
Judy Brigham
Hallie and Greg Britton
Michael and Melissa Brown
James and Jennifer Broyles
Megan Burak
Scott and Cristie Carter
Gina and Matteo Caselden
Taylor Chance and Thomas Myers
Elizabeth Chase
Andrew Chiquoine and Abbie Bloom
Gregory and Grace Chmura
Christ Church of Hamilton & Wenham
Matthew Churchill and Suzanne Cahill
Frederick and Stacy Stuber Cleveland
Gail Clifford
Chris Cloutman
Michael and Katie Colancecco
Stephen Cook
Theodore and Jessica Cornell
Scott and Kristin Crockett
Crosby’s Marketplace
Susanne Csongor
Denis and Karen Curran
John and Doreen Cusolito
David Cutter
Lieza Dagher
Harriet Davis
Robin and Nancy Day
Ian Dent and Lisa Boudreau
Albert and Juliana Dodge
James and Kelly Donahue
Lyndie and Gerald Donovan
Brian Doser
Joanna Duggan
Patrick Durkin
Casey Eppskrier
William Erdman
Eric and Mia Ertel
Megan and Ryan Esch
Essex Optical Corporation/Parrelli Optical Group
Alan and Deborah Evans
Mark and Debbie Everett
Lynette and Gerard Fallon
Cara Fauci
Mary Jo and Charles Favazzo
Chad and Kelly Fay
Melissa and Timothy Fazio
Christopher and Lisa Fibbe
Ruth Flumerfelt
Bill and Jennifer Frain
Les and Charlene Freeman
Ronald and Laurie Gauthier
Michael Gladchun and Leah Tighe
Char Glessner
Kari Goodwin
Peter and Donna Gourdeau
Brian and Stephanie Graber
Jeffrey Greenberg and Kimberly Dietel
Jill and Christopher Greene
Sarah Hagen
Shawn Farrell and Martha Hale Farrell
Carol Harlow-Carlson
Maureen Harrington
Charles and Maryanne Hawkes
Jane Heck
Michael and Kate Henebury
Marie Hersey
Ronald and Donna Hilton
William Hines and Martha Brennan
Patricia Horan
Scott and Nancy Hughes
Carol Iberger
William and Barbara Iler
Annette Janes
David and Lydia Jepsen
Evelyn Jimenez
John’s Garage
David and Dede Johnson
Jay and Lori Johnson
David and Gatey Kagan
James and Susan Kalloch
Alyson Karoly
Trevor and Kristin Kassner
Lawrence and Amy Katz
Stephen Kavanagh
Loren Kennedy
Nancy Koch
Rainer Kohler and Yan Xu
Amanda Lane
League Of Women Voters of Hamilton Wenham

(list continued in next column)

$150 – $249 cont.

William LePard and Melissa Woods
Harold Leach and Mela Lew
Susana and Joshua Liebow
Cally Lilley
Howard and Olga Lindsay
Suzana Lindsay
Peter and Barbara Locke
Kristin Locuson
Douglas and Karen Lowrie
Ryan Lucky
Michael and Patricia Lucy
Lauren Lynch
Allan and Elizabeth MacCurrach
Ashley MacDougall
Scott and Jan Maddern
Eleanor Maillie
Derek and Joanna Maki
Jeanne Maurand
Rose McCabe
Katie McCarter
Bryan McConnaughey
Wesley and Patti McCullough
Elissa and Eve McGee
Scott and Michelle McGill
Jeffrey and Peggy McNamara
Cynthia Mears
Peter and Grace Meo
Mark and Alice Stuckey Michel
Christine Milligan
Brian and Bethany Minich
Frederick Mitchell and Carin Kale
Ingrid Mitchell
Jonathan and Erica Mitchell
Josh Moore
David and Deborah Morrison
Taylor and Courtenay Mugford
Mike Munsell
Amanda Murphy
Ashley Nary
Timothy Neill
Matthew and Karen Nevins
Elliott and Kristin Noon
Jeff and Amanda Novack
Lucy Noyes
Ronald and Judith Oro
Alexandra Overton
Ruth Paul
Colin Pawlowski
Katie Payne
Dean and Jane Pedersen
Andie Philip
John and Paula Pike
Faith and Ryan Polonski
Emily Puopolo
Erika Puskas
Stephen and Stephanie Rainville
Clayton and Laura Range
Francis Diluna and Mary Ress
Richard and Jean Roberts
Ronald and Elizabeth Rossetti
Susie Rowland
Jeffrey and Dacia Rubel
David Russman
Patrick Ryan and Jeannine McGregor-Ryan
Marylou Ryus
Carrie and Marc Saint Louis
Katherine Saul
Linda Saunders
Betsy and Patrick Scanlon
Robert and Heather Scholnick
Barbara and Francis Sears
Edward Seaver
Ashley Serotta
David and Julie Smail
Robert and Mary Smallman
Daniel Snavely
Kelley and Vincent Spurr
Kurt and Leslie Stanton
Margaret Stedman
Matthew Stedman
Gary and Jennifer Stein
Richard and Diane Stinson
Ellen Sutcliffe
Ingrid Swanson
Robert and Elizabeth Sweet
Asma Syed
Lynsey Testa
Cheryl Thompson
Michael and Shelby Thompson
Sherri and Kyle Tilley
Timeless Interiors
Matthew and Aubrey Tosh
Lyle Tripp, Arlene Hazel and Hazel Tripp
Catherine Turcotte
Elizabeth Turner
Emily Turner-Russo
Samuel and Rebecca Vaill
Marc Johnson and Yvonne van Bodengraven
Joseph Ryan, Heather Vickers Ryan and Heather Ryan
L. Blair and Sarah Villa
Patrick and Nancy Waddell
Andrew and Lia Wainwright
Jason and Linsley Waldron
Bruce and Eileen Watkins
Wells Plumbing & Heating
Sean and Tracey Westgate
Daniel and Lisa Wheeler
Reagan Whippen
Terri Whitney
Elsa and Nathan Williams
Clay and Ginny Yonce
Danny Yun and Lana Saleh

up to $149

Brick Ends Farm
Bonnie Reddy
Carrie and Marc Saint Louis