2023 TCH Supporters

$20,000 – $49,999

Randy and Jane Smolik

$10,000 – $19,999

Christina and Christopher Comparato
Matthew and Jennifer Daniels
Thad and Mary Jane Steward
Jeffrey Hutchins

$5,000 -$9,999

Jennifer and Peter Whitman
Jeffrey Hutchins
Vera McLafferty
Kenneth and Laurie Wilson
Salem Five Charitable Foundation
TM Landscaping
Leslie S. Ray Insurance Agency

$2,500 – $4,999

Traynor and Lauren Canny
Emily and Aashish Mehta
Apple Lane Foundation
Iron Tree Service
Roger Brand
Susanna Colloredo-Mansfeld
Stephen and Carrie Decatur
Hugh and Elena Foster
Caitlin and Matthew Bard
Kristen and Gregory Lauze
Ada Howe Kent Foundation
Albrecht Auto Group
M&T Charitable Foundation
Institution for Savings Charitable Foundation
Moors & Cabot
Hamilton Wenham Cultural Council

$1,000 – $2,499

Abigail Pardee and George Albrecht
Neil and Linda Ayer
Joshua Cahill
Britt and Will Cole
Courtney and Tyler Cowan
Brian and Nicole Driscoll
Melissa Elmer DeAmelio and Christopher DeAmelio
Claudia Filos
Jacob and Madeline Fiumara
Paul Girard
George and Marina Hatch
Lily Rice Hsia
Rick and Barbara Ireland
Bo and Emily Lamb
Carol Lavoie Schuster and Paul Schuster
Law Office of Julie Low
Scott and Abigail LeBlanc
Timothy and Lauren Ledbetter
David and Nancy Lemons
Steve and Beth Loeper
Jay and Stephanie Mark
MidRun Press
Connor and Jessica Minnaar
Alexandra Modliszewski and Richard Modliszewski II
Karen O’Keefe
Benjamin and Sona Revette
AJ and Anna Rossi
Glenn and Jane Roundy
Patrick and Johanna Sullivan
Sun n Air/Cherry Farm Creamery
Matthew and Dawn Thibeault
Town of Hamilton
Town of Wenham
Kris Trustey
Amy Wallick and Tony Barletta
Fred and Susan Winthrop

$500 – $999

Martha and Edward Acworth
Anthony & Dodge, P.C.
Katelyn and Brady Boyle
Dave and Suzanne Caruso
Ann Cochrane
Francesca and Thomas Connors
Gavin and Kristen Danaher
Angelos Dovletoglou and Carol Zepp
Caroline Esdaile
Meghan and Vincent Fennell
Tom and Heather Ford
John and Barbara Gledhill
Char Glessner
Peter and Donna Gourdeau
Tony Grimshaw and Grace Mary Belfiore
H/W Rod and Gun Club
Hamilton-Wenham Veterinary Hospital
Hamilton/Wenham Rotary Club
Trevor and Lindsay Harlow
Sharon and Jesse Hurley
Robert and Amy Job
David and Dede Johnson
Steve and Janet Jones
Kristin and Trevor Kassner
Stephanie Mann
Stacey and Gregory Mazur
Tricia Michallyszyn
Enid Mingolelli
Rick Mitchell and Carin Kale
Theodore and Kimberly Ober
Anthony and Linda Pearson
Kevin Potter
Gregory and Leslie Potter
Mike Pratt
Jed and Torrey Raymond
David Riley
Tracey and Aaron Sacco
Eric and Kristen Sleeper
Campbell Steward
Matt and Libby Tangney
Kathy Taylor
Andrew and Lia Wainwright

$250 -$499

5 Sons Pizza
Douglas Hyde
Brand Company
Hallie and Greg Britton
James and Jennifer Broyles
Andrew and Maureen Burke
William and Elizabeth Burns
John and Nancy Clarke
Katie Clarke-Robertson and Craig Robertson
Annie Coe
Sheila Coffey
Community Package Store
George and Nat Connolly
Kathleen Connolly
Jennifer Connors
Crosby’s Marketplace
Katherine Cutler
David Dionne
David and Jessica Fabrizio
Roy Gibbs
Barbara Gilfillen
Bruce and Susan Gingrich
Kate Girard
Mitchell and Heidi Goldfeld
Connie Gourdeau
Winifred Gray
Anders Hagstrom
Hamilton-Wenham Mother’s Club
Peter Hartline and Rebecca Kucera
William Hines and Martha Brennan
Martha Homer
Jeffrey Hutchins
Mary Kay Ide
John and Mary Ellen Kain
Stacy Kelly
John and Deborah Knopf
Sara Knox
Yvonne Frontera
Barry and Noelle Landers
Deborah Ledbetter
Tracy Lutz
Daniel and Margaret McCarthy
Mark and Alice Michel
Levon and Catherine Minnetyan
Marta Minnetyan
Martin and Keri-Ann Miserandino
Andrea Mondello
Beth Myers
North Shore Beefie Boys, Inc
May Orfali
Chris and Jenny Perkin
Joanna Phippen
Paul and Amy Roberts
Jeff and Dacia Rubel
Carolyn Slocum
David and Julie Smail
Jan and Jan Soolman
Kurt and Leslie Stanton
Tom and Esther Tanous
The Cookie Monstah Company
Justin and Stacey Verge
Robert and Kathy Walker
Wells Plumbing & Heating
Wenham Village and Improvement Society

Up to $249

Tom and Sue Ackerman
Emily and Brian Ahearn
Bill and JoAnne Ainsworth
Curt and Anne Alboth
Michael Alves and Katherine Hutt
Ashley Anastasi
Bonnie and David Anderson
John and Mary Anderson
Kacey and Marc Anderson
Lea Apostolides
Dan and Kelly Arnold
Katerina Atkinson
Megan Ausiello
Courtney Avdagic
Rebecca Axelrod
Christina Bacon
Britney Bain
Deby Baker
Stephen and Deborah Baker
Keith and Janet Barsanti
Gayla Bartlett
Beckah’s Homemade, Inc.
Hiltrud Bennett
Meghan Benson
Chelsea Bioren
Sarah Bishop and Colby Stoddard
Barbara Black and Virginia Wallace
Abbie Bloom and Andrew Chiquoine
Kalil and Dolores Boghdan
Lynn Bopf
Caitlyn Bosworth
Greg and Erica Bouton
Jane Bowers
David and Patricia Boynton
Peter and Bea Britton
Donald and Roseann Brozenske
Becki Burkett
Richard and Karen Bursaw
Jay and Cathy Butler
Susan and Philip Buttiglieri
Susan Byrne
Jodie Cammiss
Peter Canny
Erin Carleo
Jodi Carmody
Linnea Casino
Karin Caves
Robert and Amy Cavilla
Vern and Maureen Chandler
Gary Cheeseman
Monique and Burr Clark
David and Barbara Clark
Robert and Carroll Clark
Shaun and Sydney Clarke

Up to $249 cont.

Dana and Rachel Clayton
Walter and Dolores Clayton
Gail Clifford
Connie Cobb
Anna Cohen
Michael and Katie Colancecco
Frances Conlin
Monica Constantine
Kathleen Cooper
Tracy Cox
Chad and Angel Crandell
Scott and Kristin Crockett
Jim Crossan
Marc Crovo
Adam and Erin Crowley
Sean and Erin Cullen
Walter and Anne-Marie Cullen
Robert Cuzzi
Natalie Daigle
David and Nancy Dashcund
Amanda Davis
Lucy and Erin Davison
Austin Davy
Christine de Lima
Mervyn and Erin Deegan
Joan DeGeorge
Paige Demirdogen
Ian Dent and Lisa Boudreau
Louise DeSisto
Stephen and Dawn Dexter
Colleen DiGuiseppe
Ryan Dings
Win and Julie Dodge
Marshall Dodge and Tara Cole Dodge
James and Kelly Donahue
Patricia and Ethel Donahue
Paul Driscoll and Nancy Peterson
Steve and Margo Druschel
Janelle Ducott
Kerry and Matthew Dunbar
Sarah Earl
Richard Eaton
Eclectic Foods Company
Andrew Ellison and Kelly Demarco
Kalei Ensminger
Casey Eppskrier
Andrew and Janet Erickson
Chelsea Erickson
Hilary Esdaile
Mary Ann Esdaile
Jerry and Lynette Fallon
Tammy Fallon
David Favazza
Donna Favazza
Richard Fay
Alexander and Cathy Felton
Melanie Femino
Steve and Jill Feron
Eden Floyd
Ruth Flumerfelt
David and Jen Flynn
Les and Charlene Freeman
Hollis and Rosemary French
Madeline Frisch
Timothy and Caroline Fritzinger
Claudia Frost
David Fehnel and Andrea Gabriel
Katherine Gagnon
Jeremy Garzoli
Priscilla Geaney
Heather and Michael Georgalis
Gilbert’s Ice Cream
Brian Goode
Janice Goodhue
Ellen Graham
Christopher and Michelle Granese
Ryan Graziano
Kelly Gregg
Michael and Emily Grimes
Jaime Gubbins
Michael Gurdjian
Martha Hale Farrell and Shawn Farrell
Louise Halliday
Anri Hampe
Meaghan Hardy Smith
Cara Hardy
Sarah and Seth Harmon
Kathleen Harrah
Dale Harrington
Emma and Deanna Harvey
Risa and Christian Hassel
Arthur Hatfield
Arthur and Margaret Hatfield
Emmett Hedblom
Peter and Susan Hersee
Marie Hersey
Jennifer Hetnar
Natalie Hildreth and Steven Derocher
Susan Hitchcock
Sara Holden Searle
Meghan and Peter Holtz
William Hooper
Dan and Michelle Horgan
Jamie Howland
Joseph Hughes and Nicole Jacques-Hughes
Scott and Nancy Hughes
Warren and Carole Hutchins
Tracey Hutchinson
Doug Hyde
J&K Realty Trust
Corey Jackson
Dean Jacobberger
Annette Janes
Terry Jennings
Peggy Jermyn
Sarah and Kristen Johansen
John’s Garage
Jay and Lori Johnson
Mark and Tracy Johnson
Steve and Diane Jones

Up to $249 cont.

Douglas and Jeannette Kahn
Catherine Kahrs
Jim and Susan Kalloch
Tracy Keith
Thomas and Kristin Kelly
Evan Kenney
Steve and Marcia Kercher
Natalie Kliss
Peter Albano and Laura Knearem
Laura Knight
James and Katherine Knudsen
Nancy Koch
Rainer Kohler and Yan Xu
Kristen Kolentsas
Nikki Vazeos
Tim and Lindsay Konos
Dave Kumar
Thomas and Heather Lancaster
William and Tiana Lane
Fred and Betsy Lebel
Morgana Ledoux
Laura Leduc
Bill LePard and Melissa Woods
Lauren Lepore
Harold Leach and Mela Lew
Angela Limpert
Lisa J Murray, DMD., P.C.
Allyson Litt
Littlefield & Associates
Bob and Debbie Littlefield
Eileen Livermore
Rebecca Lockard
Suzanne Locke and Wilberto Lima
Stephanie Lopez-Melero
Adam LoRusso
Kirsten Losee
Mardi Lowery
Johanna Lucia
Gail Lull
Nancy Luther
Lauren Lynch
MJ Lyon
Augie and Elizabeth MacCurrach
Joshua MacDonald
Stephanie and Johnathan MacDonald
Ashley and Dave MacDougall
Emily Madden
Scott and Jan Maddern
John Maestranzi
Martha Malloy
Dan Maloney
Suzanne and Daniel Manitakos
Matthew and Letitia Manning
Noel Marecka
Ericka Martin
Andrew and Candace Martinez
Miguel and Kristina Martinez
Nicole Mason
Tina and Kenneth Mastrocola
Jeanne Maurand
Sean McCarthy
Pamela Mccoy
Susan and Tucker McDonald
Elissa McGee
Scott and Michelle McGill
Stephanie McGowan
Kammie and Ken McHugh
Jeffrey and Peggy McNamara
Cynthia Mears
Peter and Grace Meo
Lauren Merrell
David and Caitlin Merrill
Melanie Michon
Paul Mihailidis
Dan, Libby and Claire Milligan
Katherine Mills
Pamela Milman
Yesenia Miranda
Eric and Alana Mitchell
Ingrid Mitchell
Jonathan and Erica Mitchell
David and Katherine Mittelbusher
Angela Mittiga and Edward Clapp
Amanda Mogauro
Jennifer Moldaver
David and Jessica Molitano
Susan and Richard Morgan
Dave and Deb Morrison
Elizabeth Moseley
Lilia and Jade Mugford
Alicia Muldrow
Christine Mulvehill
John Mulvehill
Alison Murphy
Amanda Murphy
Christopher and Kimberly Murphy
John Murphy
Paul Knittle and Tara Nelson
Catherine Neumann
Carol Nigro
Jeff Filipov
Mark O’Hara
Ronald and Judith Oro
Samuel and Elizabeth Otis
Janet Ozsolak
Robert and Susan Paglierani
Erica Palm
Catarina Palmatier
Mary Alice Pardee
Sarah Parker
Thomas Pawlyk
Nicole Pearson
Lillian Peck
Arthur and Patricia Pelletier

Up to $249 cont.

Tracy Perkins
Kerri Petri
Christine Pieroni
Charles and Mary Louise Piper
Bob and Meredith Pitts
Pomodori NBPT, Inc.
Elizabeth Potter
Jonathon and Sarah Prescott
Emily Puopolo
Lisa Purdy
Leon Purington
Lena Quinn
Stephen and Stephanie Rainville
David and Jean Ramsey
Chris Re
Lauren Rec
Tom Reed
Danielle Regan
Carole Rein
Brian and Irene Renaud
Jessica and Kyle Retallack
Lori Reynolds
Charles and Susanne Richey
Jeannine Roa
Richard and Jean Roberts
Kimberly Robertson
Charles and Elaine Rogal
Stephanie Rogers
Jackie and Josh Rollins
Liza Rooney
Steven and Kathy Ross
Deborah Rosser
Ronald and Elizabeth Rossetti
Susie Rowland
Erin Russell
David Russman
Casey and James Ryder
Justin and Megan Sabourin
Steven Lubelczyk and Keturah Sawyer
Heidi and Michael Schlueter
Jackie Schnitzspahn
Scott Schooley
Thomas Schroot
Eric and Cidalia Schwartz
Edward Seaver
Meredith Seidel
Heidi and Neil Shea
William Shea
Bradley Shepherd
David and Anna Siedzik
Nikki Silveira
Diane Simonsen
Charles Sinclair
Jillian and Roger Smerage
Philip Smigliani
Kenneth and Ambia Smith
Chris and Jill Soucy
Rebecca Spencer
Alexa Stamison
Phillips and Mary Stearns
Ed Stevenson
Alexis and Laura Studley
Betsy Sullivan
Jaclyn Sullivan
Joseph Surette
Ellen Sutcliffe
Ingrid Swanson
Paul Swanson
Janine Swartz
Lawrence and Lauren Swartz
Allyson Sweeney
Patricia Talty
Madison and Tom Tassinari
Jojo Tedesco
Kayley Terrat
Charlotte Teshko
The Natural Dog
Rita Thompson
Alexandra Thomson
Jodi Comeau
Sherri and Kyle Tilley
Timeless Interiors
Kevin Toomey and Emily Batchelder
Erika Tortorici
Vanessa Townsend
Peter and Katherine Tschudy
Stephen and Lynn Turner
Aila Tuulikki Loring
Monica Ugliuzza
Katie Umile
Julia Vasiliades
Lisa Vassar
Blair and Sarah Villa
Aaron and Terry Von Staats
Annie Walsh
Ward’s Hair Company
Bruce and Eileen Watkins
Thomas Weinburg
Edward and April Weldon
Sean and Tracey Westgate
Reagan and John Whippen
Peter and Winkie Whitman
Stacey Wigglesworth
Tim Williams
Willowdale Associates LLC
Erica Wilson
Liz and Liz Wilson
George and Penny Wingate
Mary Wood
Joseph Walsh and Amy Woodbury
Bob and Cathy Woodbury
Katherine Worhach
Defilia Yang
James and Christine Zampell
Bridget Zappala
Steve Zimmerman
Michael and Lorna Zizza
Katherine Zuccala