Mary Poppins Cast & Crew

Katie Clarke

Katie Clarke (She/Her) is excited to be working on this production with these fantastic kids! Katie believes that theater is a place for everyone to shine and uses creative arts to empower, encourage, and foster confidence in her cast and crew members. She is very thankful to her Stage 284 family for helping to create a space that welcomes all! The summer workshop is one of Katie’s favorite programs to teach because it is all about collaboration and creation. From start to finish the students are in control of their process. We have student set, lighting, and props designers, we have students sewing costumes and creating transition plans. Just like Mary Poppins teaches us, we are the masters of our own experience and giving students the creative space to take control is what Katie lives for! Some of Katie’s past Stage 284 directing credits include, “Spelling Bee,” “Newsies,” “Into the Woods,” “The Jungle Book Jr.,” “School of Rock: The Youth Version,” and “Beauty and the Beast Jr.” She has also directed, “The Rocky Horror Show,” “Noises Off,” “Polaroid Stories,” “The Importance of Being Earnest,” and “Shrek the Musical” at Endicott College where she serves as the Coordinator of Theater. She hopes you enjoy Mary Poppins as much as she has enjoyed working on it! 

Cecilia Crockett

Cecilia Crockett (Bert) is 13 years old and in 8th grade. Cecilia is excited to be on Mary Poppins because it is a fun show and she really likes the cast. Cecilia has also been Rapunzel’s Prince in Into The Woods, Shenzi in The Lion King, and Kaa in The Jungle Book. In her free time, Cecilia likes to read and listen to podcasts. Cecilia would like to thank her family and especially her mom, who helps her so much!

Riley Crockett

Riley Crockett (Miss Andrew) is 12 years old and in 7th grade. Riley is excited to be in Mary Poppins because she gets to play more characters and meet new people! Riley has also been Max in The Sound of Music, Wiesel in Newsies and a dancer in The Secret Garden. In her free time, Riley likes to swim, hang with friends, and meditate. She also dances and plays soccer. Riley would like to thank her family and friends, especially her mom, who works backstage and is her biggest cheerleader!

Katie Daniels

Katie Daniels (Katie Nanna, u/s Miss Andrew) is 12 years old and going into 7th grade. Katie is excited to be in Mary Poppins as it is one of her favorite musicals. Katie has also been Crutchie in Newsies, Matilda in Matilda and Young Nala in The Lion King, all at Stage 284. In her free time, Katie enjoys hanging out with friends, singing and drawing. Katie would like to thank the whole crew at Stage 284, as well as her friends and family for all the support.

Gabrielle Dean

Gabrielle Dean (She/Her) (Tech Crew), is excited to be helping out backstage for Mary Poppins! She has also been onstage previously! Gabrielle would like to thank her parents for making this possible! 

Giselle Dean

Giselle Dean (Robertson Ay) is 11 years old and in 6th grade. Giselle is excited to be in Mary Poppins to meet new people and to act. Giselle has also been ensemble and Alice understudy and Lilly in Annie. In her free time, Giselle likes to play videogames, draw, dance, act and swim. Giselle would like to thank her family for being there for her and her friends for making her laugh.

Elsie Deik

Elsie Deik (They/Them) (Tech Crew), is excited to be helping out backstage with this production of Mary Poppins! This is Elsie’s first show with Stage 284 and first show ever! They had a lot of fun designing set pieces, props and more! They would like to thank their family, friends and amazing cast and crew members!

Hannah Donnellan-Doser

Hannah Donnellan-Doser is excited to be a part of this show! Hannah is playing Mrs. Brill and the Bird Woman, and has had so much fun working with everyone. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends. Some of her favorite past performances include Jack Kelly in Newsies and ensemble in Secret Garden. Hannah would like to thank her friends for being the best, and hopes everyone has a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time!

Riley Freedman

Riley Freedman (Program Assistant) is excited to be working as a production assistant on Stage 284’s production of Mary Poppins Jr.! This is the second summer workshop Riley has worked on with Stage 284, previously working on Annie Kids earlier this summer. Riley has also performed on stage at 284 in Newsies, Our Town, and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Riley is incredibly impressed with how far the cast has come in just three weeks and hopes you enjoy the show!

Madeline Frontierro

Madeline Frontierro (Michael Banks) is 11 years old and in 5th grade. Madeline has been excited for Mary Poppins ever since she heard about it. Madeline has also been Les in Newsies, Alice in Matilda, and Wally in Our Town. In her free time, Madeline likes to hang out with friends, write books, and practice acting. Madeline would like to thank her parents for driving her and helping her with lines!

Anna Kercher

Anna Kercher (Neleus and Understudy Bert) is 14 years old and very excited to return to Stage 284 in Mary Poppins! Her past theater experiences at Stage 284 include High School Musical and Newsies. In her spare time, she plays guitar and drums, sings, and spends time with friends. She has enjoyed the challenge this new production of Mary Poppins has provided for her and is thankful for the new friends she has made along the way.

Annabelle Kerivan

Annabelle Kerivan (Jane Banks) is 11 years old and going into 6th grade. She is excited to be in Mary Poppins because she loves acting and Mary Poppins is one of her favorite musicals. Annabelle has also been Young Anna in Frozen and The Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz. In her free time, Annabelle sings, dances, reads, crafts and bakes. Annabelle would like to thank her parents for believing in her and Cory D’arco and Kellie Trapeano for giving her great acting experience.

Heather MacBeath

Heather MacBeath (Choreographer) is a visual and performing artist born and based in the North Shore area of Massachusetts. She is currently in her Senior year at Endicott College and is pursuing her BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in 2D as well as a minor in dance. She performs with the intensive Repertory Dance Ensemble on campus and attends dance technique classes. MacBeath has also taken courses in choreography, where she has created multiple dances that explore ideas such as spirituality, mental health, and empathy. She was honored to have two of her pieces selected to be a part of the student invitational showcase at Endicott College. She was thrilled to choreograph Annie Kids at Stage 284 earlier this summer and will be choreographing again for Finding Nemo Jr. in August. MacBeath had so much fun choreographing to the songs of Mary Poppins Jr. and allowing the music and characters to come to life. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Stage 284 on Mary Poppins Jr. and can’t wait to show you the impressive result of the actors’ hard work! 

Joshua Maggiacomo

Joshua Maggiacomo (George Banks) is thrilled to return to Stage 284 in Mary Poppins, Jr.! Josh appeared as Pulitzer in Newsies with Stage 284 in the Fall of 2021, participated in school performances such as Beverly High School’s Dramafest—Lady Windermere’s Fan as Lord Augustus, Into the Woods as the Baker’s father, and was also slotted as Zazu in The Lion King before Covid shut things down. He is a voracious reader, loves to tell jokes, and enjoys doing voice impressions of pretty much any character. Josh would like to thank his Mom, Dad, brother, cousin Laurille and whole family for their constant support and for being his biggest cheerleaders!

Gabriel Maltais

Gabriel Maltais (She/Her) (Mrs Corry, U/S Von Hussler), is thrilled to make her debut at Stage 284 as Mrs Corry and understudy Von Hussler. Gabriel has also played a Student in This Is A Test. Gabriel would like to thank her mom and drama teacher for helping and supporting her. 

Katelyn Mendonca

Katelyn Mendonca (Chimney Sweep 4) is 13 years old and in 9th grade. Katelyn is excited to be in Mary Poppins because it is such a unique show. In her free time, Katelyn likes to dance, go to the mall, draw and swim. She also plays softball and skis. Katelyn has been in Newsies as Mush, Sister Margarett in Sound of Music and Proserpina in Proserpina and the King of the Underworld. Katelyn would like to thank her parents for always supporting her and helping her learn lines!

Madison O’Brien

Madison O’Brien (she/her) is so happy to be back at Stage 284 in Mary Poppins! Some of her favorite past credits include Splasher/Bowery Beauty in Newsies, Mowgli in The Jungle Book, and Sister Sophia in The Sound of Music. Madison would like to thank everyone, especially her parents, for making this show possible!

Brie Randazza

Brie Randazza (bio coming soon)

Callia Range

Callia Range (Policeman, Park Stroller, Honeybee, u/s Jane Banks) is 8 years old and in 3rd grade. Callia is excited to be in Mary Poppins to sing, act and meet new people. In her free time, Callia likes to read, write, play Minecraft, dance and sing. Calia also plays basketball, softball, and volleyball. Callia would like to thank her mom and dad!

Charlotte Robinson

Charlotte Robinson (Chairman and u/s Katie Nanna) is 11 years old and in 6th grade. Charlotte is excited to be in Mary Poppins because she gets to be around new people who enjoy theater. Charlotte has also been a goat in The Sound of Music. In her free time, Charlotte likes to play videogames, draw and see friends. Charlotte would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her.

Josephine Russell

Josephine Russell (John Northbrook) is 12 years old and going into 7th grade. Josephine is excited to be in Mary Poppins because she loves to act and has never been in a musical before. She has been in The Great American Talent Show as Connie Grover. In her free time, Josephine likes to knit, read, sing, and hang out with friends in the pool. Josephine would like to thank her parents for encouraging her to try something new!

Emily Schuster

Emily Schuster (Winifred Banks) is 12 and in 7th grade. Emily is excited to be in Mary Poppins because she gets to be with her friends and have her first lead role! Emily has also been in Annie, The Wizard of Oz, Aladdin and Newsies. In her free time, Emily likes to read, write, sing and act. Emily would like to thank the whole Stage 284 community!

Colby Taormina

Colby Taormina (He/Him/His) (Program Assistant) is so excited to have joined the Stage 284 family this summer with ‘Spelling Bee’! He has been assist directing/teaching ‘Mary Poppins’ and can’t believe how fantastically fast the kids have grown in their acting career these past three weeks. Colby has been an actor onstage for over a decade, but has also made the magic happen as a director in the past! Previous directing/assistant directing credits include: Annie KIDS (Stage 284), Student Theatre Ensemble’s Annual Haunted House (Salem State University), Out With The New (Gloucester Stage Company), Wizard of Oz JR (Beeman Elementary School) and Grease JR (Beeman Elementary School). He hopes you enjoy the show!

James “Jimmy” Turner

James “Jimmy” Turner (He/Him) is delighted to return to the Stage 284 summer programs as a lead teacher.  James is a local actor, director and voice teacher with a specialized focus in Musical Theater and Pop vocal styles. A proud member of SAG-AFTRA, he has been seen up and down the east coast in various movies and musicals.  Favorite Roles include: Jean val Jean (Les Mis), Jamie (The Last 5 years), Judas (Jesus Christ Superstar), The Baker (Into the Woods), and most recently Mitch Mahoney (Spelling Bee).  “Many thanks to Katie Clarke and the team at Stage 284, for bringing the magic of theater to our small town, and to friends, family and my loved one for putting up with my zany schedule.  Anything can happen if you let it, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this wonderful production of Mary Poppins JR”.