TCH’s Greatest Need Fund

For nearly 100 years, The Community House has hosted programs and events that offer arts, enrichment, and connection for EVERYONE in the community. We are deeply committed to serving the community for another 100 years, but cannot do so without your support.

During these uncertain times, The Community House is committed to developing healthy communities and brighter futures. Donations to our Greatest Need Fund are a powerful way to support our mission.

Update for Late 2020 and Early 2021

One of our greatest needs right now is to expand our outdoor program space with a new TCH Pavilion.

Why expand outdoor enrichment space with a commercial-grade tent?

At TCH our top priority for 2021 is ensuring the safety and wellness of our program participants and our community.

We have already redesigned and relaunched our flagship programs to meet the COVID safety standards set forth by the state. But we know that the pandemic will continue to impact our community and TCH programs in 2021—even if a highly effective vaccine becomes widely available.

Over the course of 2020, it has become increasingly clear that aerosol particles are a major transmission route for the virus. Outdoor programming or nearly outdoor programming provide maximum ventilation and will remain the safest options as we move forward into the new year. Additional space will also allow us to increase social distancing for program participants.

Our organization’s future hinges on our ability to offer safe enrichment spaces to support existing and new programs in 2021. Please consider supporting us with a donation to our Greatest Need Fund.

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