About Stephen Decatur Jr.

How long have you lived in Hamilton or Wenham? 35 years

Tell us about your family – spouse, children, pets! wife; Carrie, 3 kids; Emily, Pam & her husband Christopher, Tad, and dog Beau

Educational background – where did you attend college? post-graduate? Degree(s) held. Hobart College, BA, Economics

Professional background – current employer, areas of professional expertise, etc.Moors & Cabot, Inc., Investment Advisor

Volunteer history – other groups or boards you have participated in. Length of service, titles/roles held.First Church-Wenham, Investment Committee; USS Constitution Museum, Board of Overseers

Hobbies/interests: Skiing, Golf, Sailing, Fishing

What is your role/position on TCH Board? Exec. Comm, BOD

Why are you involved on TCH Board of Directors? Community Involvement