About Libby Tangney

How long have you lived in Hamilton or Wenham? Moved to Wenham in July of 2017 and I grew up in Hamilton

Tell us about your family – spouse, children, pets! Matt Tangney-husband Nat Tangney-son We have a pet Golden Retriever named Ally, short for Allysaurus

Educational background – where did you attend college? post-graduate? Degree(s) held. College: University of Texas at Austin. Degree, Bachelor of Science in Radio, TV and Film. Graduated in 2001. Attended Suffolk Law School and graduate with a Juris Doctor in 2007

Professional background – current employer, areas of professional expertise, etc. Self-Employed-Elizabeth B. Tangney, LLC as an attorney in Salem, MA. I have a general practice but specialize in family law and real estate.

Volunteer history – other groups or boards you have participated in. Length of service, titles/roles held.Also have been on condo board at Pickering North in Salem, MA, Citizens Inn in Peabody, MA (6 years?) and was Board President for 2 years. Various PTOs

Hobbies/interests: Love to ski, read, and be with family

Fun fact about yourself: I am a twin

What is your role/position on TCH Board? Board member

Why are you involved on TCH Board of Directors? Volunteerism is an important part of being a community member and my father always role modeled the importance of giving back.