About Ken Wilson

How long have you lived in Hamilton or Wenham? 30 years

Tell us about your family – spouse, children, pets! Laurie, wife of 33 years, Matt 30 year old son, Courtney 27 years old daughter now married Courtney and Amer Avdegic. Cockapoo named Boomer.

Educational background – where did you attend college? post-graduate? Degree(s) held. University of New Hampshire

Professional background – current employer, areas of professional expertise, etc. Co-Chairman – CHMWarnick. Hotel Investment and Asset Management

Volunteer history – other groups or boards you have participated in. Length of service, titles/roles held. Boards served: Member: Marriott Hotel Owners Advisory Board; Co-Chairman, Member: University of NH Hotel Alumni Board; Member: von Trapp Family Resort and Brewery Board; Past Member: NS Red Cross Board; Past President, Member: Hamilton Wenham Education Fund Board; Member: Hotel Asset Managers Association; Past Co-Warden, Member: Christ Church Vestry; Member, Past Chairman: Christ Church Stewardship Committee; Past Member: National Association of Certified Real Estate Executives.

Hobbies/interests: Skiing, Biking, Hiking, Driving (cars and motorcycles), Hotels (historical and modern, its my life) Vegetable Gardening, Cooking, Red Wine, Family and Friends Gatherings, and Traveling.

Fun fact about yourself: I rappelled from the top of the 30 story Ritz Carlton Hotel in Los Angeles to raise money and awareness of Opioid Addiction for Shatterproof.

What is your role/position on TCH Board? Member, Past President

Why are you involved on TCH Board of Directors? The Community House has been part of my families life every year in many ways since we moved here in 1991 and went to our first Breakfast with Santa. I couldn’t imagine not supporting this great institution and meeting place for our community.