About John Collins

How long have you lived in Hamilton or Wenham? 14 years

Tell us about your family – spouse, children, pets! Wife Allison, 4 girls ages 10-16, 3 dogs & some fish.

Educational background – where did you attend college? post-graduate? Degree(s) held. Columbia University

Professional background – current employer, areas of professional expertise, etc.Entrepreneur. Technology investor. Founder; Great Marsh Brewing Co.

Volunteer history – other groups or boards you have participated in. Length of service, titles/roles held.Trustee BI Lahey/NHC. Incoming board chair, Care Dimensions. Former trustee, Shore Country Day School.

Hobbies/interests: Wood working, music, travel.

Fun fact about yourself:Play drums in a rock cover band.

What is your role/position on TCH Board? Vice President

Why are you involved on TCH Board of Directors? As a way of giving back to the community.