photo credit: Autumn Aguiar Photography

At The Community House we offer programs that strengthen families. Just ask the Westgates—Tracey, Sean, Bennet and Maeve.Since 2018, they have been participating in Stage 284, our in-house theater program. As a multigenerational theater program for actors of all ages and stages, Stage 284 offers unique opportunities for families to connect while creating lifelong memories. By choosing Stage 284, they are developing shared interests, improving communication, and creating a family that encourages creativity and lifelong learning. That’s a great investment!The Westgates are not alone in their quest for creative and fun engagement. Our daily lives too often leave us feeling disconnected—even from those closest to us. According to a new study, the average U.S. adult will spend the equivalent of 44 years of their life staring at screens! But we can choose to invest in a better life.The Community House is a unique place, beyond school, work and online spaces, where everyone belongs and is welcome. Through enrichment programming and special events, people of all ages are empowered to reach their full potential.But we can’t do it without you! Please consider giving to our Annual Fund. It’s the most critical component of our fundraising efforts and is vital to our success. With your generosity, we will continue to transform lives.

Warmest regards,

Christina Comparato, Board President
Melissa Elmer, Executive Director

P.S. Before year end, we need to raise $32,000 to sustain our high-quality programming. Would you please help by making a tax-deductible donation today?