In 1921, George and Emily Mandell of Hamilton built The Community House in memory of eight men of both towns who died in military service during World War I, including their son, Samuel. They commissioned Guy Lowell, a respected architect of Boston and New York, to design the building, and gave The Community House in trust for the use of the residents of both towns.

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Much of this information was gathered from the text of a speech given by former Community House President and Mandell family grandson, C.G. Rice. The speech was given April 25, 1985 to the Hamilton Historical Association. Marie Saunders, Executive Director, and her staff gathered other material from The Community House records in 1983-85. Finally, Ann Chivakos, Administrative Assistant and Margo Druschel, Executive Director, made a cursory search of the files, and interviewed board members and residents as well.

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